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Rapha Herbs

About us

Rapha Herbs may be recently-established, but everything we do is based on a timeless medical tradition. The principles of Ayurvedic medicine pervade our practice, meaning that above all things, we believe in balance of mind, body, and spirit. Therefore we provide supplements that promote complete bodily health, even as they target one part of the body or one health condition. After all, “Health is more than just the absence of disease.”

Supplements from Rapha Herbs combine herbs whose use and efficacy were discovered centuries ago and refined with great care by Ayurvedic practitioners over the years. We use only the finest herbs, inspected and assessed at our ISO-certified factory located in Himachel. The result is the highest quality of health supplements anywhere.

 Why Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements?

The traditional Ayurvedic practice of medicine originated in the Indian subcontinent, and emphasizes a balance of body, mind, and spirit. A practitioner of this approach takes advantage of the benefits of Western medicine, yet will employ many other tools in helping someone achieve complete health. Treatments may include massage, meditation, and alterations in diet, or even small surgeries and rejuvenation of the body with herbal supplements.

The program of study required of an Ayurvedic practitioner is rigorous and takes almost six years of work. One learns modern clinical medicine side by side with the traditional Ayurvedic usages of herbs and systems of diagnosis and treatment. Program graduates receive a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery degree, or B.A.M.S. Thus the people creating our formulations are thoroughly trained and certified in both Western and Ayurvedic medicine.

Some Ayurvedic medications are known to be metal/chemical-based, but the herbal supplements offered by Rapha Herbs are entirely plant-based. They contain no metallic derivatives or inorganic chemicals. And the quality of each separate ingredient is assessed to ensure that all our formulations promote the greatest degree of health.


So – What is so GOOD about Rapha Herbs?