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Kidney Supplement

Kidney Supplement (one month supply)

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Kidney Disease

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Kidney Supplement is for those suspecting that they have kidney problems at Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the disease.
At these initial stages, the kidneys are damaged impacting functions in the excretion of wastes. Abnormalities in blood or urine tests are also known in these stages. Kidney Supplement as the name suggests, helps in rejuvenating the kidneys so that they may start to work on their own in eliminating the waste.

Kidney Supplement comes in tablet and capsule form, and is made from medicinal herbs harvested from indigenous regions to ensure the potency of active ingredients. These ingredients have diuretic properties and are used in treating kidney problems.


The efficacy of these tablets is guaranteed by the stringent manufacturing process supervised by a Master Pharmacist and following Good Manufacturing Practices certification guidelines. The testing processes involved also ensure that taking this herbal supplement will not result in any known side effects.


Kidney patients at later or final stage can also take this product.

*this product helps in improving Creatinine value, urine flow, energy level and other kidney related ailment.

It is very important for people with chronic kidney disease to understand that the key to good health is good nutritional and balanced food.

Kidney failure patients need to modify their diet. Each patient has different needs.


These guidelines are very generic and you may need to tweak these guidelines to best suite your condition.

Calories: This is the fuel for the body to function properly. Right amount of calories from different sources are required to keep your body healthy.

Protein: Protein is used to build and repair tissue. The best sources of protein are dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry (chicken, turkey etc.) and lentils.

Carbohydrates: This also provides the fuel to the body in the form of starches and sugars. The main source are breads, cereals, fruits, grains and vegetables. Diabetic patients must watch their diet to control their blood sugar.

Fat: Fat is a nutrient. It is crucial for normal body function and without it we could not live. Not only does fat supply us with energy, it also makes it possible for other nutrients to do their job. Certain kind of fat may also be recommended for patients concerned with thier lipid levels.

Potassium: Potassium regulates nerve and muscle function. In renal failure patients it is very important to understand this element. Increased level may cause itchiness, heart trouble and restlessness.

Main source of Potassium are bananas, avocadoes, dried beans, dried fruits, milk, nuts, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, peas etc.
If your report indicate high level of Potassium. You can soak your vegetables in hot water for at least 15 - 20 mins, drain the water and then cook them.

Calcium and Phosphorus: These minerals work hand in hand to keep your bones strong and healthy. In renal failure patients kidneys are not able to filter out the phosphorus completely. Imbalance in these two may cause bone disease, calcification of arteries and organs (inlcuding heart). Phosphate binders are recommended to address the excessive phosphorus in blood.

Main source of Phosphorus are cheese, milk, yogurt, dried beans, nuts, chocolate and soda drinks.

Sodium: Sodium is a component of salt. 2.5gms of salt provides 1 gm of sodium. Although salt is the major source of sodium in our food, sodium is also a component of other ingredients, such as sodium bicarbonate used in baking and monosodium glutamate used as a flavour enhancer.

It helps regulate the fluid balance in your body. Processed food also has high amount of sodium, this includes, smoked meats, processed cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, corn chips, pickles, pretzels, potato chips, salted nuts etc. Some items may not taste salty but are very high in sodium e.g. canned soup, ketchup, mustard, relishes and other canned food.

When it is recommended to limit your salt intake, there are other ways to add flavour to your food. Herbs and spices can be used in meal plans. Try to find pure spices and avoid the one that are mixed with salt. You may also use garlic, pepper, onion, paprika, vinegar and wine.

It may or may not be beneficial to try home remedies to cleanse your kidneys but once it is confimed that you have kidney disease, you must take it seriously and consult a professional.